How to Improve Truck Fuel Efficiency

Most trucking companies would do anything to save on fuel. It is foolish to relay on diesel prices because they are always subject to change, making managing the expenses of a trucking company difficult. Many smaller trucking companies don’t realize that President Obama and the federal government have created new incentives for trucking companies to increase the fuel efficiency of their trucks. Teaming up with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation, President Obama has partnered with the private trucking sector to deploy advanced vehicles with greater fuel efficiency.

With major engine and truck manufacturers such as Cummins, Volvo, Navistar, and Daimler Truck North America partnering with the federal government to make more fuel efficient equipment, trucking companies now have a variety of money saving options at their disposal. For any trucking company, using less fuel means spending less money. The heavier the loads, the greater the saving when using fuel efficient vehicles.

Many larger carriers such as ARAMAK, Coca-Cola, Staples, UPS, AT&T, Enterprise Holdings, and Waste Management have joined the National Clean Fleet Partnership and have already significantly increased their fuel efficiency. It is time for smaller carriers and owner-operators to make the transition to more fuel efficient vehicles as trucks account for around 25 percent of America’s carbon emissions from vehicles. The equipment and technology is out there and the federal government has been working hard to reduce the costs of these fuel saving advancements.

Currently, the EPA is pushing for the development of engine and power-train improvements, aerodynamics, weight reductions, tire rolling resistance, hybridization, automatic engine shutdown, and accessory improvements such as air conditioning. When trying to save on fuel costs, buying a truck with these features will help to significantly reduce the amount of fuel your trucks consume. If trucking companies want to save on fuel costs, they will increase the efficiency of their trucks.

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