Introducing a new load board designed to connect carriers directly to shippers.

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So Overjoyed is our company. FR8Connect is our business. By providing an online load board designed strictly for carriers and direct shippers only, FR8Connect will help you find available freight faster, develop valuable direct shipper relationships and make more money per load! Get connected by giving us a call at 866-342-0040 x109 or by clicking our logo.

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Tips for Truck Drivers to Stay Awake on the Road

Lack of sleep and driver fatigue is one of the largest causes of traffic accidents. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found through its research that you are twice as likely to be involved in a wreck if you haven’t…
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10 Best Truck Stops in the United States

Long-distance trucking can be a tough job. It requires an attentive worker who can remain focused for hours at a time as they conquer hundreds of miles. You guys deserve a break! We’re not talking a 10 minute stop at a fast food joint, you…
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Should Your Trucking Company Use Online Load Boards?

For small fleet owners or owner-operators, online load boards can be a useful, profitable tool. Particularly for those that are new to the industry, these programs are a great way to drum up business quickly. Load boards are essentially online…