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Diesel pump prices

The 10 States with the Cheapest Diesel Prices

Fuel prices have an enormous effect on almost every aspect of our lives. Increases in diesel prices are reflected in the cost of every good that is delivered. Price jumps alter our daily spending habits by chipping away at expendable income and even make the cost of taking a vacation unreachable for some. There’s no … Read More

AI Trucking Technology Trend

AI in the Trucking Industry Artificial intelligence technology known as AI is the intelligence demonstrated by machines. Through AI technology computer programs are able to learn and mock the actions of humans. It mimics characteristics such as the ability to reason, discover meaning, and learn from experience. AI is capable of performing tasks intelligently without … Read More

Car on map

Benefits of GPS Tracking in Commercial Vehicles

How GPS Tracking Can Save You Time and Money The technological advantage of GPS tracking makes it one of the most ground-breaking inventions of our time. In short, Global Positioning System (GPS) is a navigation system that surveillances locations. A GPS tracking system does this by using the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network. GPS … Read More

Electric Semi Charge Station

Pros and Cons of Electric and Hybrid Trucking Vehicles

As more auto manufacturers announce their transition to electric vehicles, it feels like the era of combustion engines is coming to an end.  The battery powered future of the automobile is deeply rooted in the past. In fact, around a third of all cars in the early 1900’s were electric.  Battery limitations of the time … Read More

Growing small fleet

Growing a Small Fleet

Small fleets are the backbone of the trucking industry.  There are over 500,000 carriers with six trucks or less, accounting for 86% of all carriers in the US.  In fact, over 95% of all carriers have fewer than 20 trucks.  Smaller fleets boast the personalized service they offer to set themselves apart from the Goliaths … Read More

Trucker using accessories

Best Cab Accessories for Professional Drivers

The title “professional driver” can conjure up a range of different images.  From racecar drivers to truckers, professional drivers serve many functions. There’s even a recent surge in people driving professionally as a side hustle, delivering food or shuttling people for a rideshare service. Trucking continues to be the most popular and frequently used mode … Read More

Funding for Your Trucking Company During COVID-19

The Trucking Industry and COVID-19 We can get you the money you may need to balance the surge of trucking needs due to COVID-19. The recent crisis of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has directly impacted America’s trucking industry. The trucking industry has been key to keeping the economy afloat. Truck companies are working hard to keep grocery … Read More

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