Fuel Advances

If slow-paying customers are resulting in missed opportunities, fuel advances are the solution. Freight factoring ensures your trucking business always has cash on hand to cover the cost of fuel and over-the-road expenses. Fuel advances are often a must-have for owner-operators and smaller fleets.

Haul more loads. Haul better loads. Grow your business.

Truckers benefit from freight factoring fuel advance programs

Stuck with unpaid freight bills? Looking to succeed in the trucking business? Freight bill factoring generates the cash that trucking companies need.

Fuel advances for truckers increase immediate cash flow, keeping trucks on the road and maximizing output. Don’t let unreliable customers keep your trucking business from having the funds it needs. Fuel advances for trucking companies provide cash upfront and eliminate the headache of covering rising fuel costs.

All factored loads are eligible for fuel advances up to 50%

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How do I get a fuel advance?

To obtain a fuel advance, the usual procedure involves submitting a formal request to either a freight factoring company or a shipper/broker. This request is typically made after picking up a load and requires providing essential documentation, such as a rate confirmation and bill of lading. By adhering to this process, truckers or trucking companies can efficiently receive the fuel advance they need. Request a free quote to get started!

How quickly can I get a fuel advance?

The speed at which you can receive a fuel advance is contingent upon the particularities of the company you engage with. However, it is worth noting that premier factoring companies generally have the capacity to provide more favorable options. In fact, certain factoring services can expedite a business loan for you, specifically for covering fuel expenses, within as little as one hour.

How does freight bill factoring work?

When customers delay the payment of their freight bills, trucking companies need funds in order to keep hauling loads. Freight bill factoring companies supply trucking businesses with the cash they need by purchasing their unpaid invoices.

Apply for freight bill factoring and connect with a freight factoring company that best suits your trucking business.

Set up is quick and easy:

  • No minimums
  • No setup fees
  • No long-term contracts

Whatever the size of the load, freight factoring companies are ready to keep the tires rolling and the cash flowing. The factor will fund up to 98% of the freight bill and collect payment directly from your customers, so you can focus on moving your trucking business forward.

Bad credit? Don’t worry! 
Factoring companies collect from your customers, meaning your personal financial history may not disqualify you from funding.

Freight factors throughout the US and Canada are ready to help truckers transform their cash flow. Take advantage of the many services provided by freight factoring companies and start growing your trucking business today.

Freight factoring companies offer fast cash for fuel & more

Fuel is a major expense for all trucking companies, and rising fuel prices often mean tough times for truckers. Fuel advances for trucking companies help you cover fuel costs without sacrificing large loads by providing cash upon pickup!

No long term contracts required

There’s no wait and no hassle. Wondering if you’ll benefit from fuel advance programs for trucking, but don’t want to lock yourself into a long factoring contract? Month-to-month contracts are available, so little commitment is necessary to explore the benefits of freight factoring and fuel advances.

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