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are there different types of truck driving jobs

9 Different Types of Truck Driving Jobs

Working as a truck driver has a lot of benefits, but one that often goes unnoticed is the variety of work one can do with a CDL. There are several different types of truck driving jobs that veer away from what many consider a traditional truck driver to be. Truck Driving Job Categories Dry Van … Read More

trucking with cats

Trucking with a Cat – What You Should Know

Life on the road gets lonely, that’s a proven fact. If you’re a trucker looking to potentially bring a furry friend along on your drives, consider getting a cat! Trucking with cats can be simple and rewarding if it’s done right, but if you are planning on bringing your kitty along, it would be a … Read More

How to save money as a truck driver

14 Ways to Save Money as a Truck Driver

Being a truck driver is hard, but being a broke truck driver is even harder. This is why many have started to look into how to get free money online. One thing that doesn’t have to be difficult is saving money. Follow these 14 simple money saving tips for truckers if you’re trying to lower … Read More

APU Weight Exemption Guide

APU Weight Exemptions by State APUs (Auxiliary Power Units) make it possible for truck drivers to remain comfortable while they’re parked and reduce fuel usage. For example, APUs can be used to power heat and A/C, a mini-refrigerator, a television, a hot plate or coffee maker. It’s helpful for truckers because they can still be … Read More

Pros and Cons of Leasing a Semi-Truck

Are you in the transportation industry and thinking about leasing a commercial truck instead of buying one? Weigh the pros and cons of leasing instead of buying before you decide what is right for you, personally. Perhaps, you would also like to invest in a ELD Device, you can check out The 10 Best ELD … Read More

Why are truckers so important?

What Would Happen If Trucks Stopped

Trucking is the beating heart of the U.S. economy. Truck drivers deliver 10 billion tons of every commodity consumed and transport over 671 billion dollars’ worth of goods every year. In fact, 70 percent of all freight moved in the U.S. ranging from the food industry to healthcare is done by trucks. Many people may … Read More

Dealing with homesickness as a truck driver

How to Battle Homesickness on the Road

A truck driver’s life sounds like a country song: open roads, working hard, deadlines to meet, lone soul getting it done. The reality is that while trucking is a great career, it often comes with long days away from home. Even the most seasoned truck driver will feel pangs of homesickness from time to time. … Read More

trucking industry

Ways for Trucking Companies to Reduce Operating Costs

One of the most significant challenges for small trucking companies is keeping up with constant operating expenses. From truck repairs and maintenance to fuel costs, being an owner-operator is no easy task. Business owners have to be organized and take budgeting seriously when planning for their financial future. Overspending can be detrimental to trucking companies … Read More

hot shot driver driving his truck

Most Expensive Toll Roads in the United States

It’s another day at work and you’re hauling a load down the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Traffic is moving at a steady pace, you’re listening to your favorite trucking podcast and basking in the warm sunlight that’s hitting your windshield. Suddenly, there’s flashing sign, “35 mph. Slow down. TOLL PLAZA AHEAD.” A maze of brake lights flickers … Read More

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