Funding for Freight Brokerages

As a freight broker, you do a lot to help shippers place their loads with reliable carriers at reasonable costs.

Waiting to receive payment from your clients can slow you down, making it challenging to pay carriers and preventing you from taking on new loads.

Fortunately, freight broker factoring can close the payment gap and keep you moving!

What is Freight Broker Factoring?

Freight broker factoring services allow you to fund new placements without taking out a high-interest business loan. Submit your open freight bills and receive your money right away! 

The Process of Factoring is Simple:

  1. Place loads with carriers
  2. Send freight bills to facoring company after the carrier delivers the load
  3. The freight factor will deposit your advance within 24 hours
  4. Pay your carriers immediately!
  5. The factor will follow up with your customers for payment
  6. Receive any remaining freight bill amount, minus a small factoring fee

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