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The Benefits of Using a Freight Factoring Broker

Faster Funding

Working with a freight factoring broker can get you funded faster than a traditional bank loan. In some cases you can receive funds in as little as several hours.

Best Deals/Rates

Factoring brokers have extensive industry relationships with a variety of factoring companies. They’ll work with you to find the best deal/rate for your freight business.

The Right Funder

Factoring brokers work with you and your freight business to create a specialized financing plan that fits your industry and circumstances. They’ll match you with a factoring company that supports your needs.

Avoid Mistakes

With extensive industry knowledge and networks, factoring brokers can help you avoid mistakes when choosing the right factoring company for your freight business.

What is a Freight Factoring Broker?

A freight factoring broker bridges the gap between businesses looking for quicker payment on their invoices and an invoice factoring company who can help them. Freight factoring brokers have extensive industry knowledge and a wide range of relationships with different kinds of factoring companies.

It’s the factoring broker’s job to connect people looking for invoice factoring directly with companies that provide the funding.

Streamline the Funding Process

Working with a freight factoring broker has multiple advantages, but it may not be the best funding solution for every business. Depending on your business needs and circumstances, you may not be sure where to start. A freight factoring broker can work with you, no matter what stage your business is at.

Researching factoring companies on your own can be stressful, not to mention time-consuming. Each freight factoring company has its own specialized programs, rates, and terms. And there are hundreds of factoring companies out there. How do you know which one will be right for your business?

A freight factoring broker can save you the time and hassle by doing the search for you. Factoring brokers have extensive industry knowledge and relationships with a wide range of funders. So once they know what you’re looking for in a factoring company, they can connect you quickly with the perfect funder.

Most importantly, working with a freight factoring broker can save you money. While it might seem like a better idea to call a factoring company directly – this isn’t always true. Factoring brokers have close relationships with a variety of funders, and they’re able to pass along savings and special rates that ordinarily might not be available to you.

How Does the Factoring Process Work?

What Does a Freight Factoring Broker Need From You?

  • Where you’re located: We have funders across the entire United States. When it makes sense, we like to connect small businesses and funders that are in the same geographical location.
  • How long you’ve been in business: Especially in the case of start-ups, we have partners that work specifically with new business operations that can even help you fund your first invoice!
  • Who your biggest clients are: Invoice factoring relies on the creditworthiness of your clients–by giving us an idea of who you’re working with, we’ll have a better idea of which funding partner might be best suited to work with you and your clients.
  • How much you’re billing a month: ‘One size fits all’ does not apply to the invoice factoring industry. Once we know how much business you’re looking to factor, we can match you with a funding partner that specializes in that area.

Is a Freight Factoring Broker Right for Your Business?

Factoring brokers work with factoring companies that offer funding options for businesses of all sizes and stages. Whether you’re a startup or a small business, working with a factoring broker to find the best funding solution for your business needs can save you time and money.

Working with a factoring broker can be a great alternative financing solution for businesses with bad credit, no credit, or don’t want to take on additional debt. So even if you’ve been denied a traditional bank loan, a freight factoring broker can work with you and your business to find a factoring company that can provide you the funding you need.

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