10 Breathtaking Scenic American Highways Every Trucker Should See

Any road trip around the United States will show you how beautiful the country is. With countless scenic American highways, drivers can immerse themselves in the breathtaking landscape. Long haul truck drivers already know this fact about America. Spending hours on the road at a time, truck drivers also appreciate the value of beautiful scenery and enjoyment it brings to any long haul. Every truck driver, and for that matter, every American should be sure to drive along these scenic American highways and create and experience to remember for a lifetime.

  1. U.S. 1, Florida Keys – drive across 7 Mile Bridge, one of the longest bridges in the world, and find yourself in the Caribbean tropics among white sand, palm trees, and coral. From Key Largo to Key West, the overseas highway strings together these gorgeous islands off the southern coast of Florida.
  2. Blue Ridge Parkway, Carolinas and Virginia – twisting through the Great Smokey Mountains and snuggled into the heart of Appalachia, this panoramic drive provides scenic overlooks to all who travel across its nearly 500 miles of pavement.
  3. Lake Short Drive, Chicago – of all the scenic American highways, lake shore drive is unique in its contrasting landscape. To east lays the blue expanse of Lake Michigan and its sandy shore; to the west rises the tall building of Chicago.
  4. Route 12, Utah – Winding through Capitol Reef and Bryce Canyon national parks, the 124-mile strip may seem lonely and isolated, but the towering red rocks make the views truly one-of-a-kind.
  5. North Shore Drive, Minnesota – driving along the Minnesota shoreline of Lake Superior, travelers will be awestruck by the surrounding natural beauty. The birch and maple trees climb high and Lake Superior stretches far beyond the horizon.
  6. Ocean Drive, Newport, Rhode Island – the 10-mile coastal route provides spectacular maritime views accompanies by an array of historic mansions. Few scenic American highways seem to travel into another world the Rhode Island’s Ocean Drive.
  7. Olympic Peninsula Loop, Washington – Start in Seattle and head northwest to find yourself in the largest road free area in the continental United States. The only way to get around is to take the looping Highway 101. Luckily this stretch of road includes the ancient Hoh River rainforest, breathtaking mountain views and pools on Olympic beaches.
  8. Highway 101, Oregon – another stretch of Highway 101 is just as inspiring as the first. With unobstructed ocean views for over 300 miles along Oregon’s coast, this road is hand-down one of the most scenic American highways.
  9. Kancamagus Highway, New Hampshire – few places highlight the beauty of fall like this 36-mile stretch of highway snuggled into New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Maples, alder, and birch fill the landscape an amazing pallet of colors.
  10. Trail Ridge Road, Colorado – Rising as high was 12,185 through the Rocky Mountains, this highway follows a route traced over the Continental Divide by Native Americans for thousands of years. Travelers can enjoy mountain views and are likely to spot elk, deer, and bighorn sheep over the tree line.
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