APU Weight Exemption Guide

APU Weight Exemptions by State

APUs (Auxiliary Power Units) make it possible for truck drivers to remain comfortable while they’re parked and reduce fuel usage. For example, APUs can be used to power heat and A/C, a mini-refrigerator, a television, a hot plate or coffee maker.

It’s helpful for truckers because they can still be comfortable while parked, but APUs weigh hundreds of pounds. This makes it difficult for drivers to use them, especially if they’re close to the maximum weight limit.

Laws regulating the weight of trucks can be confusing and they change frequently. It’s important for truckers to understand APU Weight Exemptions in each state to ensure law compliance while staying comfortable.

Track Your Truck created this helpful table to allow truck drivers to easily understand how much weight is exempt throughout the United States.

While APU weight exemptions can be confusing, but truck factoring shouldn’t be. Learn more about freight factoring for truckers or get started with a free quote to get the best rate with the lowest fees.

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