Funding for Your Trucking Company During COVID-19

The Trucking Industry and COVID-19

We can get you the money you may need to balance the surge of trucking needs due to COVID-19.

The recent crisis of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has directly impacted America’s trucking industry. The trucking industry has been key to keeping the economy afloat. Truck companies are working hard to keep grocery stores and businesses stocked as consumers gather needs daily and demand spikes. As the load-to-truck ratio increases, so does the need for cashflow.

Trucking Invoice Factoring and COVID-19

One of the best ways to ensure steady cash flow during uncertain times or spikes in demand is through invoice factoring for truckers. We, as a company, are still open and dedicated to finding you the funding needed to endure this pandemic. 

Our funding partners know the trucking industry is vital during this time and have set aside funding specifically for:

Get The Cashflow to Keep on Trucking

If your trucking business is worried about cash flow, give us a call or fill out an online form. Freight factoring is an easy way to boost your cash flow by selling your invoices to a factoring company for an instant advance.

We have funding options available for those with factorable invoices and those without.

Adequate cash flow is crucial to keep up with the sudden increase in trucking demand.

Helpful Resources for Truckers on COVID-19:

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Stay safe and stay healthy on the road!

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