Benefits of GPS Tracking in Commercial Vehicles

How GPS Tracking Can Save You Time and Money

The technological advantage of GPS tracking makes it one of the most ground-breaking inventions of our time. In short, Global Positioning System (GPS) is a navigation system that surveillances locations. A GPS tracking system does this by using the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network. GPS tracking can identify data such as longitude, latitude, speed and time through different satellites to determine a location. There are satellites in space that orbit the Earth every 12 hours and send signals to GPS receivers.

The GPS was initially developed to support the U.S. Military in the 1960s but today, the majority of the world relies daily on GPS tracking to get where we’re going. The advances in GPS tracking have been a reliable source for those traveling and have made the world run smoother. There are many industries that reap the benefits of GPS tracking including aircraft pilots, farmers, hikers, helmsmen, law enforcement, delivery services and more.

Obviously, of the industries that benefit the most from GPS tracking capabilities is the transportation and trucking industry. Through the system, controlling typically unknown factors like route length and speed can help you get a better understanding of where your money is being spent. Below are some of the most significant ways GPS tracking can save you time and money.

Improves Route Efficiency

No trucking company can afford to waste time, money or fuel. GPS tracking can improve route efficiency by cutting out unnecessary directions and identifying the most direct routes. With GPS tracking, dispatchers know the exact location of every truck in a fleet in real-time. Dispatchers can see which employees are on the clock, on a break or off for the day.

Most GPS tracking systems update in real-time. This allows dispatchers the ability to reroute drivers if they run into a traffic jam, accident or other problems. If a driver gets lost, through the help of GPS tracking, dispatchers can redirect their route. This saves drivers time and allows them to haul more loads at a faster pace.

Increases Savings

This tech can cut costs on gas, both by identifying the most direct routes and tracking speed. s many of those in the industry know, fuel is one of the largest expenses when it comes to running a trucking company. Naturally, shorter routes mean less money spent on fuel. Excessive speeding can also use up fuel. With GPS tracking, speed can be monitored and addressed which in return saves you money on fuel.

Aside from money spent on fuel, GPS tracking systems improve productivity and delivery time. Being faster and more efficient is a big plus when running a business and leads to overall better customer service. Happy customers lead to loyal customers which mean more business for that trucking company.

Encourages Safe Driving

GPS tracking helps encourage safe driving. Fleet managers who take advantage of GPS tracking can monitor a truck driver’s day-to-day activities and patterns. They gain insight information such as speeding, harsh braking, acceleration and other potentially dangerous driving conduct. When drivers know they are being tracked through a GPS system, they tend to be on their best behavior reducing the chances of accidents and fatalities.

Improves Insurance Rates

Insurance companies often reward good behavior therefore they love GPS tracking because it encourages safe driving. In fact, some insurance companies will even offer discount rates if you implement GPS tracking in your commercial trucks. It gives insurers peace of mind knowing you are monitoring the behavior of your drivers.

Through the eyes of an insurance company, theft recovery is one of the most beneficial assets of GPS tracking. Let’s say your truck or equipment gets stolen, GPS tracking can quickly identify if something is out of the ordinary and locate the stolen property. Insurance companies love GPS tracking because it can reduce the number of claims and large payouts.

Concerns About GPS Tracking

There are some concerns truck drivers share when it comes to GPS tracking. For example, some trucking companies and owner-operators are concerned they can’t afford GPS tracking, but many will argue that GPS tracking saves money on the backend. There are also funding options such as freight factoring, an easy way to boost your cash flow by selling your invoices to a factoring company for an instant advance. To some drivers, GPS tracking is a form of micromanaging and an invasion of privacy, but employers could maintain if you are following regulations, this won’t be a concern.  

Other concerns drivers may express are distracted driving and job security. With the current climate of the industry, the last thing we need is fewer drivers on the road. With transparency, all of the concerns of GPS tracking can be properly addressed and refuted.

The Future of GPS Tracking

As technology continues to innovate the world, the GPS tracking system continues to evolve with it. There was a time when truckers relied on maps and radio systems and often ran into route issues but today, the data-rich reporting that GPS tracking provides has eliminated some of those nuisances.

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