Owner-Operators: Pimp Out Your Big Rig

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Tricked Out Trucks

The semi-truck is more than simply a truck driver’s office—it is where he or she works, sleeps, eats and travels. There are very few other professions in which one spends days, or even weeks, of their lives in one room. It is thereby crucial that the inside of a sleeper truck is comfortable and accessorized.

So how can truckers pimp their semi-trucks and make sure that they can make the most out of the long trips? Check out this list of must haves for drivers that want tricked out semi-trucks.

Pimp Out Your Semi

Mini fridge—the mini fridge is a must-have for any tricked out semi-truck. Long hours spent on the road means that a trucker will inevitably need to store some food and drinks—why not do so in style? There are plenty of unique mini fridges out there for fans of all types of media, movies and genres, like the Iron Man Mini Fridge that can both refrigerate and warm your food, depending on what you need. If you love the Marvel films, the Iron Man Mini Fridge is a great way to trick your truck.

Rugs: putting a rug in the back of the sleeper will help to give your truck a more “homey” feel. Luckily, it is easy to trick your truck with a cool rug, especially if you are a huge sports fan. For the NFL alone, there are tons of different rug patterns to choose from for each team.

Flags: hang a flag over the rear wall of your sleeper. Flags are the easiest way to decorate any wall, and for truck drivers that are also veterans, it is a great way to show off your patriotism.

Seat covers: get a nice, printed seat cover to make the “office” portion of the sleeper comfortable and attractive.

Wall games: for when you want to just kick back and engage in some therapeutic, light physical activity, think about putting a dart board or a Nerf basketball hoop in the back of the truck.

Wireless surround sound speakers: just about all truckers have some type of portable television or laptop with which they watch movies at the end of a long day’s haul. Why not trick your semi-truck by installing a wireless set of surround sound speakers? While it is not too hard to reach a volume that fills up a sleeper cabin as it is, when your favorite movie’s volume is coming at you from all sides, it takes the movie watching experience to the next level and will help you unwind after hundreds of miles of work.

There are tons of ways that drivers can pimp out their semi-trucks. It is important that their sleeper cabin is comfortable and filled with entertaining decorations, appliances and games. Are you looking for a way to trick your finances, too? Slow paying customers and outstanding invoices can make starting a trucking company or working as an owner-operator a near-impossible task. Get in touch with us today to find out about the best factoring programs in the country.

How can I personalize and modify the interior of my big rig to suit my needs?

Truck drivers can personalize their big rigs to enhance comfort, functionality, and efficiency while on the road. Personalization not only makes life on the road more enjoyable but can also improve safety and productivity. Here are some ways truck drivers can personalize their trucks to better suit their needs:

  1. Interior Comfort:
    • Invest in a comfortable, ergonomic seat with lumbar support to reduce back strain during long hours of driving.
    • Add seat covers or cushions for extra comfort and to protect the original upholstery.
    • Install curtains or window shades to block out excess sunlight and improve privacy during rest breaks.
  2. Entertainment and Connectivity:
    • Install a quality sound system for listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks during long drives.
    • Use Bluetooth or auxiliary connections to sync your smartphone or other devices with the truck’s audio system.
    • Consider mounting a tablet or smartphone holder for easy access to navigation apps and entertainment.
  3. Storage Solutions:
    • Customize storage compartments to keep personal items, work-related documents, and tools organized and easily accessible.
    • Use storage bins, organizers, or netting to secure loose items and prevent clutter.
    • Install additional storage cabinets or shelves if needed.
  4. Sleeping Area:
    • Invest in a comfortable mattress or mattress topper for the sleeper berth.
    • Customize the sleeping area with cozy bedding, pillows, and curtains for added comfort and privacy.
    • Consider blackout curtains or window coverings to create a conducive sleeping environment during the day.

What are some ideas for making the cab of a semi truck cozier?

Truck drivers can make the cab of their truck cozier and more comfortable, creating a space that feels like a home away from home. Here are several ways to achieve a cozier truck cab:

  1. Quality Bedding: Invest in a comfortable mattress or mattress topper for the sleeper berth. Choose soft and cozy bedding with your preferred sheets, blankets, and pillows.
  2. Curtains or Window Coverings: Install curtains or window shades to block out excessive sunlight and provide privacy during rest breaks and downtime. This can also help regulate the temperature inside the cab.
  3. Personal Decor: Add personal touches to the cab with decorative items like photos, posters, or artwork. These items can make the space feel more familiar and comforting.
  4. Cabinets and Shelves: Install storage cabinets or shelves to keep personal items and essentials organized. This can help declutter the space and make it feel more like a home.
  5. Cozy Lighting: Consider adding LED or string lights to create a warm and inviting ambiance in the cab. Soft lighting can contribute to a cozier atmosphere.


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