The 10 States with the Cheapest Diesel Prices

Fuel prices have an enormous effect on almost every aspect of our lives. Increases in diesel prices are reflected in the cost of every good that is delivered. Price jumps alter our daily spending habits by chipping away at expendable income and even make the cost of taking a vacation unreachable for some. There’s no way around it, we all suffer from increases at the pump.

This is especially true for those in the trucking industry. The average trucker travels over 100,000 miles per year. Considering modern trucks average 6.5 miles per gallon, each truck will consume over 15,000 gallons of diesel every year! At those quantities, every cent matters.

This post is updated weekly for you to track which states and regions have the cheapest fuel prices.

Cheapest Diesel Price by State as of February 2024

With the cost of diesel seemingly rising every week, the impact of fuel price is felt by everyone in the transportation industry. Fortunately, relief at the pump may be a state border away. We’ve compiled a list of the ten states with the lowest diesel costs to help you along.

Be sure to check back weekly as we’ll be updating this page to reflect price changes. If you’re a trucker checking on this list, be sure to check out our fuel cards to save 37 cents per gallon!

Now, without further ado, here are the top 10 states with the cheapest diesel prices according to AAA.

1.      Oklahoma

Texas has the cheapest average diesel price, landing at $3.358.

2.    Colorado

Mississippi is a close second, with an average price of $3.450.

3.    Missouri

Average diesel price: $3.478.

4. Nebraska

Average diesel price: $3.507.

5.   Montana

Average diesel price: $3.509.

6.    Kansas

Average diesel price: $3.542.

7.      Iowa

Average diesel price: $3.550.

8.      South Dakota

Average diesel price: $3.560.

9.    Arkansas

Average diesel price: $3.571.

10.     Texas

Average diesel price: $3.602.

And the most expensive is… Hawaii at $5.607 per gallon!

*Diesel prices are continuously fluctuating. Check the most up to date prices at AAA.

Weekly Diesel Prices by Region in US

Curious which regions in the US generally have the cheapest diesel fuel? Take a look below!

Change from
01/22/2401/29/2402/05/24week agoyear ago
East Coast (PADD1)3.9794.0434.0430.000-0.709
New England (PADD1A)4.2884.2894.3240.035-0.793
Central Atlantic (PADD1B)4.2324.2284.2750.047-0.725
Lower Atlantic (PADD1C)3.8533.9493.929-0.020-0.695
Midwest (PADD2)3.7043.7043.7380.034-0.640
Gulf Coast (PADD3)3.5843.6443.7020.058-0.547
Rocky Mountain (PADD4)3.6963.6453.6500.005-1.091
West Coast (PADD5)4.5044.5084.5510.043-0.535
West Coast less California3.9924.0114.0540.043-0.688
*prices include all taxes

Source: https: //

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