Top 4 Fuel Cards for Trucking Companies

Fuel cards are used by trucking companies all over the country regardless of the size of their fleet. These handy cards are a trucker’s key to saving money at the pump no matter where the road takes them. But, with all the fuel card options out there, it’s hard to know which card offers the best benefits for your fleet. You want to consider if your fuel card will give you limitations based on locations in the U.S., the amount of control you can have over your drivers with a card, or if you want a corporate card.

Looking for the best fuel card for your fleet might be a little stressful but don’t worry about doing research; we looked for you and compiled a list of the best fuel cards for truckers!

Here are the top 4 fuel cards for truck drivers:


Comdata provides nationwide coverage. There are over 600,000 sites that accept the Comdata card because it’s used the same way as a debit card. Comdata allows drivers to use one, single card for fuel, sales transactions, oil, tolls and other additives. There is a Comdata app, which allows users to manage your funds, find a fuel station, and rate locations where you have purchased fuel, and if you want you’re fleet to be using as least fuel as they can, you can use software to optimize your teams routes.

Like Fuelman, Comdata fuel cards can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted — that means you can use it for things like groceries, too! This card is available for private and commercial fleets and gives you access your money by issuing a Comchek from your fuel card any time by phone or by using the app. Comdata also has 24/7 customer service support in case you have any issues or concerns.

Fleet One is now EFS (Electronic Fuel Services)

EFS provides coverage throughout the U.S. and Canada at over 12,000 truck stops. They offer 10 cent per gallon discounts at all Pilot/Flying J locations, low transaction fees for fuel purchases, cash advances, ATM withdrawals, money transfers, and balance inquiry fees.

EFS offers discounts on important items such as tires, oil, lubricants, parts, maintenance supplies, equipment and road-side assistance. EFS entitles you to the cash price posted at the pump.

With the EFS fraud prevention services, you can cancel lost or stolen fuel cards and request a new one any time. Like Comdata, they offer 24/7 customer service support.


WEX provides nationwide coverage at 95% of fueling locations as well as many service locations including Goodyear, Firestone, Valvoline and many others.

They offer rebates and easy tools to limit spending – with up to a 15% of total fueling costs to save. Their Clearview analytics and reporting visualize your spending to help keep track of, budget, and understand your spending. Joining WEX invites you to their savings network, opening the door to discounts for things like hotels, tires, and auto parts. 

They serve small and large businesses alike, providing 24/7 customer service support and more!


Fuelman provides nationwide coverage and focuses entirely on commercial clients and fleets rather than consumer fuel cards.

They offer two different types of fuel cards:

  1. Fuelman FleetCards are valid at 50,000 member stations in the Fuelman Network and provide roadside assistance, real-time alerts, and sizable gas discounts
  2. Universal Cards are available at five times as many fuel and service stations because it can be used anywhere that MasterCard is accepted and is ideal for larger, widespread fleets

The Fuelman app tells you where to find the closest station that offers Fuelman services. This is a good fuel card option for companies that operate across state lines because they have coast-to-coast coverage and have the ability to cover both local and regional fleets of all sizes with 24/7 customer service support.

save time and moneyOther Contenders

  • ARCO
  • 360
  • BP Business Solutions
  • Chevron & Texaco Business
  • Valero

Factors to consider when picking a fuel card:

What are the restrictions or limitations?

Some fuel cards are limited by regional use or certain locations. If your fleet typically functions within certain states or regions, make sure the fuel cards you’re considering are available and easy to use in those areas.

Would a credit card be better?

Another decision is whether it would be better for you to just use a corporate card for your fleet. These offer a lot of flexibility, but doesn’t cater specifically to truckers with fraud protection and other aspects, to name a few.

Fuel cards for truck drivers give you discounts at thousands of truck stops and gas stations across the nation.

The question isn’t “Should I use a fuel card or not?”
The question is, “Which fuel card is right for me?”

Start saving money on supplies you need to keep your fleet up and moving. Whether it’s fuel, truck parts, or tolls, you’ll be surprised at the savings you’ll earn every mile!

Like fuel cards are made specifically for truckers, freight factoring should be on your terms for your company. We can help you find the best freight factor for you, at rates you desire.

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