Top 10 Fuel Cards for Trucking Companies

Fuel cards are used by trucking companies all over the country regardless of the size of their fleet. These handy cards are a trucker’s key to saving money at the pump no matter where the road takes them. But, with all the fuel card options out there, it’s hard to know which card offers the best benefits for your fleet. You want to consider if your fuel card will give you limitations based on locations in the U.S., the amount of control you can have over your drivers with a card, or if you want a corporate card.

Looking for the best fuel card for your fleet might be a little stressful but don’t worry about doing research; we looked for you and compiled a list of the best fuel cards for truckers!

Here are the top 10 fuel cards for truck drivers:

1. DAT One Fuel Card, powered by OTR Solutions:

Our top pick, this fuel card is known for its reliable reputation, acceptance at 8,000 locations nationwide, and average savings of $0.51 per gallon. It also offers potential savings of up to $1.70 per gallon and has in-network locations with $0 transaction fees.

2. RTS Financial:

This fuel card offers savings of up to $0.25 per gallon at over 2,400 fuel stations, making it a popular choice among diesel truckers.

3. WEX:

With coverage across the United States and Canada, WEX provides acceptance at 95% of U.S. gas stations and over 45,000 service locations, making it convenient for truckers on the road.

4.TransConnect Services:

This fuel card stands out for its fair costs, 24/7 customer service, and $0 transaction fees at over 1,500 in-network locations.

5. TVC Pro-Driver, powered by Expediter Services:

Designed to provide significant savings, this fuel card offers an average of $150 per week or $7,800 per year for cardholders.

6. Fleet One:

Offering a comprehensive solution for truckers, Fleet One provides access to fuel discounts, expense management tools, and nationwide acceptance at various fuel locations.

7. Love’s:

Love’s fuel card provides access to their extensive network of fueling stations, along with additional benefits such as on-site amenities, repair services, and 24/7 customer support.

8. Fuelman:

With fueling options available across the country, Fuelman focuses on providing control and convenience to truckers through their flexible fuel management solutions.

9. Shell:

A well-known name in the fuel industry, Shell offers a fuel card that allows truckers to earn rebates and access their extensive network of fueling stations.

10. BP:

BP’s fuel card provides truckers with acceptance at BP and Amoco locations, along with various fuel management and reporting features.

These fuel cards have been selected based on their unique advantages and benefits, ensuring that truckers have access to cost savings, extensive acceptance networks, and reliable customer service. It’s important to consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing a fuel card, as each option offers something different to cater to the diverse requirements of truck drivers.

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Factors to consider when picking a fuel card:

What are the restrictions or limitations?

Some fuel cards are limited by regional use or certain locations. If your fleet typically functions within certain states or regions, make sure the fuel cards you’re considering are available and easy to use in those areas.

Would a credit card be better?

Another decision is whether it would be better for you to just use a corporate card for your fleet. These offer a lot of flexibility, but doesn’t cater specifically to truckers with fraud protection and other aspects, to name a few.

Fuel cards for truck drivers give you discounts at thousands of truck stops and gas stations across the nation.

The question isn’t “Should I use a fuel card or not?”
The question is, “Which fuel card is right for me?”

Start saving money on supplies you need to keep your fleet up and moving. Whether it’s fuel, truck parts, or tolls, you’ll be surprised at the savings you’ll earn every mile!

Like fuel cards are made specifically for truckers, freight factoring should be on your terms for your company. We can help you find the best freight factor for you, at rates you desire.

How do fuel cards provide convenience and efficiency for truckers and trucking companies?

Fuel cards offer a multitude of conveniences and efficiencies for truckers and trucking companies. One major advantage is the elimination of the cumbersome task of handling paper receipts and managing fuel reimbursements. Instead of drivers having to keep track of numerous slips of paper while traversing the country, a fuel card automatically tracks and records all purchase details. This streamlined process saves significant time and energy, allowing drivers to focus solely on the road. Furthermore, the automatic tracking and reporting feature of fuel cards provides peace of mind, as truckers can trust that every fuel purchase is accurately accounted for. For trucking companies, this means a reduction in administrative hassle, as they no longer have to dedicate resources to managing paper receipts and promptly issuing reimbursements. Ultimately, fuel cards allow drivers to prioritize their driving responsibilities while empowering trucking companies to efficiently track and manage fuel expenses.

How can fuel cards help trucking companies manage and regulate fuel expenses?

Fuel cards provide trucking companies with a valuable tool to effectively manage and regulate their fuel expenses. By utilizing diesel fuel discount programs, these cards allow companies to gain better control over their fuel expenditures, especially when dealing with multiple drivers operating nationwide.

One of the key benefits of fuel cards is the ability to set purchase controls. These controls allow companies to place limits on drivers’ fuel purchases, preventing unnecessary or unauthorized spending. By implementing specific restrictions, such as transaction amounts or fuel types, companies can ensure that their drivers adhere to their established budgetary guidelines.

Furthermore, fuel cards add an extra layer of security to prevent fraud. Each card is personalized and comes with a unique PIN number, enabling companies to monitor transactions closely. This high level of monitoring allows for quick detection of any fraudulent activities, safeguarding the company’s finances. By promptly identifying and resolving these issues, companies can mitigate potential losses and maintain their financial stability.

In addition to security features, fuel cards also offer detailed reports that provide comprehensive breakdowns of all fuel expenses. These reports give companies a clear understanding of their fuel expenditure trends and irregularities. By analyzing this information, companies can make informed budgeting decisions for the future, ensuring that their allocation of funds aligns with their actual fuel usage.

Ultimately, fuel cards offer trucking companies a range of benefits that help manage and regulate their fuel expenses. Purchase controls, heightened security measures, and detailed reports all contribute to increased transparency, cost-effectiveness, and overall financial efficiency. With these valuable tools at their disposal, trucking companies can better control their fuel costs and optimize their budgeting decisions.

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