Trucking Companies Seek Out Female Drivers in Response to Labor Shortage

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Changing Times of Trucking

A lot of things in the trucking world are changing. Updated equipment, new technology, and now increased opportunities for women drivers. Many trucking companies are trying their hardest to keep their trucks on the road because there is a sudden lack of drivers. The freight industry has decided to make trucking seem more appealing to qualified women to increase the chances of them jumping on board.

President and CEO of Women in Trucking, Ellen Voie, promotes the new interest in woman drivers. The organization is pushing for adjustable seats and petals for shorter drivers, and lower steps for getting in and out of the cab and trailer. Voie even says that trucking companies may see women as safer drivers than men because they might not take the same driving risks, causing potential accidents. Many carriers around the nation, including J.B. Hunt, are advertising for women. The famous carrier states they hope trucking is a place where women, “can feel welcome, equal and safe.”

Modern Day “Rosie the Riveter”

It is understood from women in the trucking industry that it takes a special type of female to live the driver world. A female driver must be independent and not interested in living the typical life. Although, the attractive benefits can convince any woman that they are up to the task. The pay, health and disability benefits, paid vacations and holidays, retirement pay, and possibly paid tuition are something to consider. Some carriers can even give drivers shorter routes so that they are home the same day. Women aren’t just being welcomed in the driver world, but also in the owner-operator, and trucking company owner worlds.

There is a recent, frantic, need for willing and able truck drivers across the United States. It is no surprise that the sudden want for female drivers is directly correlated with this. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 5.8% of truck drivers were women as of 2014. This result is pushing carriers to bring out all the stops in their female advertisements.

If you’re a qualified female driver looking for more information, head over to the Accelerate! Conference and Expo by the Woman in Trucking Association. The event takes place next month in Dallas, Texas. Check out for more information.

Take Hold of your Trucking Company

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