Well Rested Truck Drivers Help Trucking Industry

The nature of truck driving is not conducive to healthy sleeping habits. Drivers often struggle to get enough sleep when out on the road and may try to catch up on sleep during the days that they are home. These inconsistent sleeping habits can lead to tired and unfocused truck drivers, presenting a health and safety concern. It is imperative that truck drivers are well rested before going out on the long haul because continuous hours spent on the road quickly wear on a driver’s energy and focus. Tired and distracted truck drivers are a hazard to themselves as well as everyone else who shares the road. It is unsurprising, in that case, that we hear relatively frequent reports of truck accidents causing mayhem on the roads. Those involved in such incidents in Virginia may wish to get help from VA Truck Accident Lawyers.

Despite the demands of the industry, truck drivers can still do a great deal to manage their sleeping habits and make sure they are well rested. According to the Wall Street Journal, several recent sleep studies have shown that an average of seven hours of sleep is the optimal amount for healthy adults. If you are a long haul truck driver, make sure that you are getting at least seven hours of sleep a night on average to ensure that you will be able to safely perform behind the wheel. Though driving a truck is not very physically draining, rolling down the same stretch of road for hours on end can tire out the brain and lead to lapses in concentration. Recent sleep studies have shown that getting the optimal seven hours of sleep per night can significantly increase a person’s attention span the next day. Truck drivers should take note because staying attentive behind the wheel for long periods of time is essential to completing their job successfully.

The hours of service regulations are meant to ensure that drivers have enough downtime to catch up on sleep and get ready for the road. Be sure to take advantage of these required breaks by taking a nap or simply shutting your eyes for a while to let your mind relax. Well rested truck drivers will not only improve their personal health, but also the health of the trucking industry.

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