CH Robinson Freight Bill Factoring Services

EZ Freight Factoring will help you factor your CH Robinson invoices within 24 hours. Take advantage of factoring services with advance rates as high as 98 percent. We understand that every transportation business is different, CH Robinson carriers can look forward to a customized factoring plan tailored to your trucking business’s needs.

C.H. Robinson Transportation Factoring Benefits

Factoring your trucking invoices has many benefits, some of which include:


When factoring, C.H. Robinson truckers are not required to sign long-term contacts or adhere to monthly minimums. Carriers can factor as many invoices as preferred, for however long they choose. Trucking companies have the flexibility to select a program that works best for them, whether that be recourse or non-recourse factoring. We’ll ensure your business finds the process that flows best for you and your clients.

Same Day Funding

EZ Freight Factoring helps customers get funded within 24 hours.

Non-Recourse and Recourse Factoring

C.H. Robinson drivers have the flexibility to choose whether they want a recourse or non-recourse factoring program.  Recourse factoring requires the business owner to pay the invoice amount if the client fails to pay. Non-recourse factoring requires the factoring company to cover the invoice amount if the client fails to pay. Non-recourse factoring involves slightly higher fees, but is lower risk than recourse. Both types of factoring do not involve long-term contracts or minimum volumes.

Grow Your Business with Factoring

Get cash to move your business forward with freight factoring. Truckers can use the extra cash they earn from factoring for fuel, new equipment, hiring employees and much more!

No Additional Costs

Truckers can look forward to a quick and easy application process with no hidden costs or fees.

How does freight factoring for C.H. Robinson Invoices Work?

The application process is simple for truckers looking to factor their invoices.

Once a load has been delivered, complete an application and submit:
  • Operating authority
  • Proof of insurance
  • Aging report
  • Current customer list
  • Articles of Incorporation
Submit your unpaid invoices to the factoring company

Once you bill your customer, submit the freight bills to the factoring company. The invoice must be accurate, unpaid and for a load that was provided to another company. The factoring company will then verify that the load has been delivered.

Receive cash within 24 hours

After you receive the cash, conduct business as usual and continue sending as many or as few invoices as you prefer. Once the invoice is paid by your customer to the factoring company, they will send you the remaining amount minus a small factoring fee.

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