Freight Factoring for Dump Truck Haulers

Are you tired of waiting up to 60 days for your freight bills to be paid? Consider freight factoring. Factoring strengthens your cash flow by turning your freight bills into same day cash. We can help dump truck haulers obtain same-day funding for insurance, repairs, maintenance and any other expenses you may have at a low rate.

As construction activity in the US starts to pick up, there is a stronger demand for dump truck haulers. Dump trucks often provide materials such as sand, gravel or dirt to construction sites around the US. Dump truck haulers are often billing contractors, construction companies or even the Government for roadwork jobs such as highway repairs. These types of debtors sometimes don’t pay for up to 60 days, causing a cash flow shortage for the dump truck drivers.

We will work to get drivers the funding they need to perform truck maintenance, purchase fuel and pay drivers.

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