Truck Factoring Gets You Paid Faster

Truck factoring turns your unpaid invoices into cash.Why wait 30, 45 or even 60 days to be paid? Thanks to our competitive freight factoring services, you can get instant cash for freight bills.

Unlike a bank loan, factoring is a debt-free form of funding for trucking companies. Freight factoring companies buy outstanding freight bills and issue an instant cash advance so you can keep your trucks on the road. If you’re tired of waiting for customers to pay, factoring ensures you can access the cash you need immediately.

Bad credit? Don’t worry. Freight factoring companies base approval on the strength of your clients, not your personal or business credit history.

Factoring increases cash flow and helps businesses grow by allowing owner-operators and trucking firms to focus on what’s important: hauling freight. It’s hard to get a loan if your business is small or relatively new, but truck factoring companies provide funding no matter the size or age of your business.  Apply for factoring today & get the cash you need to grow and thrive!

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