Factoring for Truckers

Fast & Flexible Freight Factoring Services

Factoring companies for trucking allow truckers to get paid immediately for loads they’ve delivered whether or not their customer pays on time. Rather than waiting on slow-paying shippers and brokers, truckers work with factoring companies to access same day cash for invoices. In doing so, truckers always have steady cash available for fuel costs, maintenance, payroll, etc.

Why Should I Work With a Trucking Factoring Company?

Truck factoring for owner-operators makes it easy to access the money you need immediately. Waiting for clients to pay their invoices is frustrating, but you shouldn’t have to put your business on hold because of this. Factoring companies provide you with advanced cash in exchange for your invoices so you can keep your business moving forward. You can grow your business, take on more loads, and avoid difficult financial decisions.

Factoring is not a loan–it’s your money. This quick method of funding just ensures you get it sooner and gives you the freedom to use your money how you need it. Need money to pay for maintenance, payroll, or fuel? Just getting back on your feet? Factoring can help and puts you in control of your cash, debt free.

How Can I Qualify for Trucking Factoring?

Factoring companies base their funding decision on your customer’s credit, not yours. So, you can qualify for trucking factoring services even if your company has poor credit or no credit. Factoring protects against unreliable customers and is flexible enough to help your business regardless of its stage or size. Not only can owner-operators & larger fleets benefit from our services, but we also provide factoring services for freight brokers so your business is covered every step of the way.

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