10 More Awesome Apps for Truck Drivers on the Road

Advancements in technology are doing a lot to help truck drivers get where they need to go faster and more efficiently. Trucking companies as well as individual drivers should make sure they are using the latest technology to ensure the best driving experience possible. With smartphones and tablets readily available, truck drivers can use various software applications to haul loads quickly and safely, as well as increase their profit margin. Consider using some of these useful apps for truck drivers:

Some of the Best Apps for Truck Drivers

Yelp (iOS and Android) – for long haul truck drivers it is not uncommon to be driving through unfamiliar territory. Instead of always settling for using the big chain business that you recognize, use Yelp to find the best local amenities. From food to lodging, shopping to entertainment, Yelp combines reviews of all the hot spots in the area.

Field Trip (iOS and Android) – automatically get notified when you’re driving towards something worth stopping for with the Field Trip app. This application combines a database of cool, hidden, and unique things around the world that you will regret if you pass up and will provide a fun break to any long haul.

Spotify (iOS and Android) – keep all you favorite music with on the go with the Spotify app. This allows truck drivers to listen to their entire music library hands free as well as search through Spotify’s extensive database of songs. Nothing makes the long-haul better than the right tunes.

Wi-Fi Finder (iOS and Android) – quickly find the Wi-Fi hotspot closest to you with this application. With access to over 650,000 locations in 144 countries worldwide, the Wi-Fi Finder app makes getting internet service quick and easy for truck drivers who are on the road travelling.

Trapster (iOS and Android) – this app combines a worldwide community of over 20 million drivers to provide alerts of road related activity near you. Truck drivers who hope to haul their loads as fast as possible while staying safe and efficient will enjoy the real time traffic alerts and notifications of known speed traps.

uShip Mobile (iOS and Android) – trucking owner-operators are especially fond of this app as it allows them to bid on loads that people and businesses need shipped. Driver can use the app to find and bid on nearby loads and businesses will enjoy the GPS tracking that notifies them of the estimated time of arrival.

iOnRoad Augmented Driving (Android) – this interactive and mulch-faceted app is groundbreaking in the way it combines all of your apps to create the most effective hands-free driving experience possible. Along with real time assessment of road conditions, the app can access other GPS apps, as well as your music, weather, games and more.

Weather Channel (iOS and Android) – any long haul driver knows how important the weather can be when it comes to shipping a load safely and on time. The weather channel app is a great way for truckers to stay on top of changing weather patterns and plan the safest route with real time forecast updates and severe weather alerts.

PocketFuelCal (iOS) – this app is useful for truck drivers that hope to maximize their fleet’s fuel efficiency. Essentially a calculator for fuel economy, truckers can enter information about their truck and current price of fuel and the app will calculate the vehicle’s efficiency.

Skype (iOS and Android) – spending long hours on the road away from home can be difficult for many truck drivers with families to take care of. Instead of feeling isolated out on the road, use the Skype app to stay in contact with your family and friends, no matter where the long haul takes you.

What are the benefits of using weather apps for truckers?

Weather apps offer numerous benefits for truckers in today’s digital age. While there are plenty of weather apps available, truckers face unique challenges on the road that standard weather apps do not address adequately. However, using weather apps designed specifically for truckers can provide essential safety protocols and address their specific needs.

One of the primary advantages of using weather apps for truckers is the ability to receive timely and accurate weather alerts. These apps go beyond simply notifying users of adverse weather conditions such as tornadoes, hurricanes, or floods. They provide truckers with real-time updates on road conditions, allowing them to make informed decisions about their routes and schedules. By staying updated on the weather at load pick-up points, along their routes, and at their destinations, truckers can plan accordingly and potentially avoid treacherous weather conditions.

Furthermore, trucker-centric weather apps can offer a community-driven approach, allowing drivers to share real-time weather updates and road conditions with their peers. This feature enhances the utility of the app by providing insights that standard forecasts might overlook. By tapping into the collective knowledge of fellow truckers, drivers can gain valuable information about road conditions, unexpected weather events, or any other potential hazards on their routes.

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What kinds of apps are most helpful for truckers?

Looking to search for your own helpful trucking apps? Here are five of the best kinds of apps to help refine your search!

  1. Navigation and Traffic Apps:
    • Truck-specific GPS apps provide routes optimized for trucks, taking into account bridge heights, weight limits, and roads where trucks are prohibited. Examples include Waze for real-time traffic updates and TruckMap or CoPilot GPS for truck-specific navigation.
  2. Fuel Management Apps:
    • These apps help find the best fuel prices nearby, track fuel consumption, and sometimes offer fuel discounts. Popular choices include GasBuddy and Fuelbook.
  3. Weather Apps:
    • Real-time weather apps are crucial for truckers to plan routes and schedules around severe weather conditions. The Weather Channel app and NOAA Weather Radar Live are widely used.
  4. Load Boards and Freight Matching Apps:
    • Apps like Truckstop.com, DAT Load Board for Truckers, and Trucker Path help drivers find loads, reducing empty miles and maximizing earnings. They connect truckers with shippers and freight brokers.
  5. ELD Compliance and Fleet Management Apps:
    • Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) apps help manage Hours of Service (HOS) and ensure compliance with DOT regulations. KeepTruckin and Samsara are notable examples, offering features beyond logging, such as vehicle inspection reports.

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