5 Best Music App for Truckers on the Road

Long haul truckers spend hours at a time out on the road and sometimes the best remedy to the monotony is music. The right music selection can go a long way in improving a truck drivers focus and making the long haul more enjoyable. With the expansion of mobile streaming and smartphones, programs for listening to music on the go have become increasingly popular. Go far beyond what was expected of the old iPod, these mobile music apps for truckers can be downloaded onto your smartphone and instantly accessed to pump up the jams during your drive.

  1. TuneIn Radio (iOS, Android, Windows) – by granting you access to over 100,000 live radio stations from around the globe, this music app for truckers essentially replaces the need for the radio in your truck and does for it no charge. Customize the app to target the type of radio stations you like and tune into its array of local content and on-demand streams covering everything from sports, news, music, talk shows, and more.
  2. Listener (iOS) – this is a great music app for truckers who already have songs downloaded on their smart phone. The app won’t help you to discover new music but it makes listening to your downloaded songs simple and safe for a trucker who needs to keep attention on the road. By relying solely on gesture based commands, the app allows truckers to easily navigate through their song library with a quick swipe and tap of the finger.
  3. Songza (iOS, Android, Windows) – with thousands of pre-made playlists, this music app for truckers provides the right tunes for any mood. Simply pick a playlist based on genres, artists, specific scenarios, time of day, or mood and then strap in for the long haul and enjoy. Truckers don’t have to worry about constantly changing songs with the extensive playlists that are offered.
  4. Google Play (iOS, Android) – this interactive music app for truckers will remember what you listen to and make smart recommendations based on your individual taste to make finding new music easy and fun. The app will also sync to your online music collection to bring all the songs you love into the cab and on the long haul. The app is clean, easy to use, and provides handpicked playlists and custom radio stations for all tastes.
  5. Rdio (iOS, Android, Windows) – providing extensive selection of music from classic hits to trending new releases, this music app for truckers has something for all tastes. With more than 20 million tracks and unlimited streaming, Rdio will help set the mood for the long haul. Truckers can follow their favorite artists and prominent playlist makers, or even create a unique playlist with friends and fellow drivers.

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