5 Benefits of Being a Trucker

For prospective truck drivers it is easy to be discouraged by all of the negative sides of the trucking business that people so often choose to talk about, but there are still many benefits of being a trucker. Though making a living as a truck driver may take a lot of work and can be stressful at times, there are so a variety of advantages to being a trucker that people talking about the industry almost always gloss over. If your second-guessing your decision to get into the trucking industry, stop yourself and consider these benefits of being a trucker:

  1. The road – getting out on the open road and traveling across the country is a dream that many Americans hold but few actually realize. Truckers are able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the American landscape on almost a daily basis.
  2. The training – training to be certified as a long haul truck driver is relatively minimal compared to the training required for other blue collar professions.
  3. Easy certification – getting certified as truck driver is also relatively easy and just requires some classes and driving instruction at your local truck driving school.
  4. The pay – when considering the ease of training and certification, truck drivers actually earn a relatively decent wage, with the national average yearly salary of truck drivers estimated at around $40,000.
  5. Education – becoming a truck driver does not require a college degree and gives opportunities to thousands of Americans who prefer to get out and be active rather than bury their head in a book.

If your dream is to be a trucker and experience the thrill of traveling across America’s highways, don’t let anybody tell you to do otherwise. With the driver shortage effecting the entire industry, there are more potential benefits of being a trucker than ever before. The power is now in the hand of the driver who can demand more pay and better perks from trucking companies that are desperate for their service. Though the hours will be long, truck drivers make enough money to support a family and live comfortably, which is an opportunity that many less-skilled and less-educated members of society struggle to find.

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