5 Ways to Make Your Trucking Company Stand Out

For owner-operators and small trucking companies, standing out and competing against the big carriers can be difficult and often poses a lot of challenges. Luckily, with the expansion of the internet smaller carriers are now able to market much more effectively and with greater reach, thus evening the playing field between small and large trucking companies. In the trucking industry many companies provide very similar service and it is difficult to set yourself apart from the rest. If your trucking company is struggling to find new customers and attract more business, try some of these creative marketing tactics.

  1. Choose a catchy name and a memorable logo – more than just talking about how great your trucking company is, having the right name and logo design can reach a wider audience and make people remember your company. Don’t underestimate the power of visual and audible advertising.
  2. Make a video – people want to see why your trucking company is the right one to haul the load more than they want to read about it. Create informational videos and try to include testimony from an actual satisfied customer who will vouch for your company. Upload the video to YouTube and link back to your website or include a phone number to bring in more business.
  3. Write a blog – sometimes the best way to establish a loyal base of customers is to show a more personal side. Instead of making everything about business, create a blog that talks about your personal experiences in the trucking industry and some of the advice or suggestions you have for other people. This will help potential customers identify with you and not just the service your company provides.
  4. Offer seasonal discounts – many trucking companies experience fluctuations in their productivity based on the changing seasons. Profits are often tight in the winter but in order to get ahead of the competition, try offering good weather discounts so customers will have more incentive to use your service once the sun starts to shine.
  5. Give incentive to returning customers – establishing a loyal customer base is essential to the sustained success of any business and trucking companies should consider ways to keep customers coming back. Offer discounts on loads the more somebody hauls with your trucking company and be sure to get to know your customers so they feel comfortable and confident working with you.

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