How to Combat the Truck Driver Shortage

With the truck driver shortage plaguing the trucking industry, it is now more important than ever for trucking companies to find creative ways to attract new drivers to the profession.

Increasingly less young adults want to take on the demand of being a long-haul truck driver. With relatively low pay of around $38,000 a year on average along with days at a time spent on the road and away from home, many would-be truck drivers are turning to other industries to support themselves. Other jobs such as construction are taking away many of these potential truck drivers because the industry offers more flexible hours, more time at home, and typically higher pay with better benefits.

Though the trucking industry can manage under the roughly 30,000 truck driver deficiency, the shortage will impact trucking companies more and more as the demand hauling freight continues to increase. The American Trucking Association predicts that the trucking industry will continue to grow at an impressive rate over the next 10 years, but a shortage of drivers will make this growth difficult on smaller carriers.

Many also argue that increased government regulation and new hours of service requirements are making it increasingly difficult to find young drivers willing and able to take on the job.

There are ways to attract more truck driver to your company, however. By offering more flexible hours and catering to the needs of your drivers, trucking companies can show that driving the long-haul is actually a relatively enjoyable way to earn a living. Further, trucking companies should start increasing their baseline pay for truck drivers if they ever want to combat the shortage.

It is too difficult to compete against construction jobs without increasing truck driver wages and adding more attractive benefits. Young truck drivers want more out of the industry and it is time for trucking companies to provide. By offering higher wages and more benefits, trucking companies may be able to attract the young potential truck drivers that they so desperately will need as experienced drivers retire and the American trucking industry continues to grow.

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