New Trucking Technology is Changing Industry

The trucking industry is full of change. Driving some of this evolution are new technological advancements that are spreading through the trucking industry. The expansion of mobile devices are pushing this change and it is time for trucking companies to adapt to these new realities or else risk falling behind and losing their competitive edge.

Trucking apps – applications on mobile phones and other devices are now allowing truck drivers to become more efficient and communicate better than ever. Apps such as TruckerTools provide real time tracking of road updates and traffic trends, along with lists of lodging, restaurants and refueling stations across the country with prices included so truckers can make the most economical decision possible. With hands-free trucking technology continuing to advance, these tools are becoming increasingly safe and easy to use behind the wheel.

Anti-collision software – now trucks help themselves stay out of trouble the installation of anti-collision software that will automatically activate the breaks when it reads that a collision is about to occur. This makes driving easier on the truckers and can potentially save trucking companies money in tickets, repairs, and insurance costs. Trucking technology such as this is making driving easier and safer than ever before. When looking to obtain a new truck or improve your fleet, make sure to add anti-collision software to your budget.

Communication software – new devices such OmniTracs Mobile Communications Platform are combining nearly everything a truck driver needs into one device. This touch screen trucking technology act much like a tablet designed specifically for truckers. The device allows for internet web-browsing, GPS navigation, and electronic logging so that truck drivers can manage their responsibilities with less time and hassle, making it easier to concentrate on the road.

Electronic logging – if you have not already made the transition from paper to electronic logging, now is the time. With the Department of Transportation expecting a full transition into electronic logging for all major American trucking companies in the next few years, it is essential to have this trucking technology as part of your fleet. Not only to they make logging easier, but they also improve the driving experience by allowing for instant communication with dispatchers and cutting down on time spent on the road.

Eco-friendly equipment – new, more efficient engines are now readily available and is one trucking technology that no carrier should go without. More efficient engines means less money spent on fuel and that is something that any trucking company can appreciate. Most major carriers have already transitioned over to using more fuel efficient equipment and if you haven’t now is the time. New tractor designs and other advancements in heating and air conditioning are also helping trucking companies save money by increasing fuel efficiency.

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