FMCSA Introduces Smartphone App for CSA Scores

On March 17, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration released a smartphone app that displays the safety profiles of carriers, comprehensively featuring drivers’ percentile rankings in the DOT’s Compliance Safety Accountability program, insurance/licensing information, crash history, and safety ratings, according to Overdrive.

The so called QCMobile application essentially provides users with the same information that can be found on the FMCSA’s SMS (Safety Measurement System) portal.

The new technology is expected to be widely used by insurers, brokers, and others who do business with owner-operators (and truckers in general). The FMCSA also divulged that the application could be used by inspectors or enforcers, which would facilitate inspection decisions, a process that is currently a rather slow endeavor.

The app is presently downloadable for Android and iOS devices.Mobile finance and statistics concept

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