Growing a Trucking Fleet? How to Increase Driver Retention

Driver retention is critical to the success of any trucking company and keeping drivers is becoming increasingly important as the national truck driver shortage continues to effect the industry. Often times driver retention start with the hiring process and the incentives that trucking companies provide to lure in the best drivers possible.

Trucking companies with successful driver retention tend to focus on tracking retention goals and objectives, organizational accountability, identifying sources of stress for drivers and making improvements, and internal communication between other drivers and dispatchers. In order to attract dedicated and hardworking truck drivers, trucking companies should try to provide as many incentives as possible.

Improved benefits and pay will help, but there are also things fleets can invest in to make for a more enjoyable driving experience. Mobile scanning solutions that allow drivers to easily scan paperwork and instantly submit from their mobile device are just one of the accommodations trucking companies can provide to make life easier on their truck drivers. These scanning solutions are appreciated by truckers because they allow for faster pay and immediate document submission after completing a delivery so they can quickly move on to the next one keep making money.

It also important for trucking companies to be honest and upfront with their current and potential drivers so that everybody understands what they are getting into and to avoid unexpected surprises. By doing this, trucking companies often find that there is the right job for every truck driver, it is just a matter of getting to know their strengths and preferences.

Further, it is important for trucking companies to promote healthy living among their truck drivers. Healthier drivers are happier drivers and happier drivers increase driver retention. Another part of keeping your truck drivers happy is allowing them to have ample time at home. Too much time away from home is one of the most common reasons for truck drivers who leave the industry, making it essential for trucking companies to provide as much home time as possible.

Want to increase the driver retention rate of your trucking company? Listen to what your truck drivers have to say.

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