How to Choose an Online Trucking Load Board

Using online trucking load boards is a great way for a trucking company to find the best loads to haul. The trouble can be finding the best trucking load board for your company so that you are always hauling the loads you want to haul when you want to haul them.

Luckily, there are a lot of different trucking load boards out there and there’s the right one for every trucking company.

How to Choose the Best Online Load Board

Decide what you want in a load board

There is a variety of services load boards can provide – like load matching, credit information, message boards and FMCSA verification. If there is specific information you would want or need, you are going to want to seek out load boards that specifically offer that.

There are so many online load boards on the market that any way you can narrow them down is a benefit to you.

Decide if you want to use a free or paid load board

The free load boards automatically sound like the best option but consider there can be higher-paying loads behind a paywall. However, prices can reach up to $100 a month for some of the most premium plans, so be aware of what you are signing up for.

Consider what services you need to get out of the trucking load board and assess whether paying for access is worth it. Some load board application processes are more involved than others and trucking companies should weigh the positives and negatives before signing up.

Decide if you want to register as an owner-operator or partner with a freight company

If you would like to have full access to trucking load boards but are hesitant to pay the full price, partner with a freight factoring company and enjoy free access to premium load boards.

Freight factoring companies provide added benefits for trucking companies that factor freight bills and free access to online trucking load boards is one the most common perks.

Not only will your trucking company receive fast funding on freight bills, but you will also save time and money by having access to trucking load boards that help you find the best loads to haul.

In the end, the best online load board for you is the one that meets all of your needs and at least a few of your wants.

When it comes to factoring, however, there is only one company that can meet and exceed your expectations – and it’s us!

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