A Guide to Purchasing a Pre-Owned Freight Truck

Purchasing a used truck can be a much trickier process than simply buying a new one; because a pre-owned big rig already has a history on the road, it is much more important to know the value and specifics of what you are buying before your money changes hands. With this in mind, a wise buyer can get a great deal on a used tractor-trailer so long as they follow the proper procedures for making their decision. Here is a guide to buying a pre-owned truck that is freight hauler approved!

The 5 Steps to Follow when Buying a Pre-Owned Truck

1. Decide what you need

Just like a house in the suburbs has comparative advantages and disadvantages to a condo in the city, different sizes and builds of trucks can serve entirely different purposes. Regardless of the value, size, or nature of what you intend to be carrying, buying the wrong truck can not only cost you money but also prove completely useless to your business. You might want to browse truck auctions to see what sort of trucks are available in your price range. If you already own a truck and are clear on what you need, further research may not be necessary. On the other hand, owner-operators who are just starting a freight business or trucking companies looking to add another type of truck to their fleet should spend however much time it takes for them to be confident that they know what they must buy.

2. Do your research

Buying a used semi-truck does not just involve understanding the various types of vehicles available for secondhand purchase; once you have determined what kind of truck you need, the next step is finding businesses selling what you aim to buy. Along with simply viewing the trucks online, it is important to actually go to the dealership where the truck waits to be purchased so that you can take a closer look at what you are about to get. Inspecting a used semi tractor-trailer can be a tedious process, as it involves actually looking at the inside and outside of the vehicle along with checking out the specs on paper. Regardless, pre-owned commercial trucks can be very expensive and it is important to avoid bad surprises – know the history of the truck to ensure that you aren’t buying a vehicle that has been in 20 accidents and is knocking on death’s door.

3. Don’t just listen to what the salespeople say

As is the case with most automobile sales businesses, customers should be wary of the fact that the salespeople get a commission off of every sale they make. This means that they will often be driven to make a sale even when the product does not necessarily fit the consumer, as well as the buyer, would hope. This does not mean that buying used big rigs from a dealership is a bad idea, but it does strengthen the argument to be made for doing personal research. Some of the best trucks to buy used can come from pre-owned vehicle dealers, but the high cost of buying a used tractor-trailer means that a few hours of learning about the details of a truck that might become yours is well worth the effort. With this being said, there are plenty of truck dealerships such as this Truck Dealer Calgary, who can help you find the perfect second-hand vehicle you’re after.

4. Ensure that your needed specs are met

Just like a family of 6 probably shouldn’t have a Mazda Miata as their primary car, buying a used tractor-trailer that you want instead of one that you need can end up being a mistake that becomes very costly over time. If a cheaper or newer truck is smaller than you would like, you will miss out on lots of opportunities to haul lucrative loads due to your lack of cargo space. If the bigger semi looks more comfortable on the inside but guzzles more gas than a small nation, your loads might not be big enough to cover the cost of maintaining and fueling such a monstrosity. Purchasing a used freight truck requires a good business sense and a willingness to keep things objective so that the decisions you are making are those that are best for your business long-term and not impulsive buys that you will come to regret.

5. Look into the reviews/history of the current owner

Deciding where to buy a used semi-truck is just as important as deciding what used-semi truck to buy; if the person that is selling it to you is dishonest, or a crook, you are likely not getting your money’s worth ut of the purchase. As a result, taking advantage of services like Yelp that will inform you as to the history of the seller will undoubtedly help you decide whether or not to buy from them. There is always the chance that the truck has issues that aren’t clear until it actually hits the road, and although there isn’t really a way to prevent this possibility (even when a contract is in place to attempt to dissuade sellers from making false claims), looking at reviews can be a great way to gauge the trustworthiness and quality of the seller from whom you are looking to buy a used semi-truck. The transition of businesses into the digital age has made it increasingly easier to know a great deal about companies and their services, so a smart trucker looking into buying a used tractor-trailer will utilize these simple and fast resources.


Why do truck drivers consider these semi trucks the best?

Truck drivers widely regard certain semi trucks as the best options for their profession, and understanding their reasoning sheds light on why these specific models are favored. The debate surrounding the top semi trucks for truck drivers is ongoing, typically with each driver having their personal favorite. However, there is consensus that certain models belong in the top tier. In this blog post, we will delve into the reasons why these semi trucks are considered the best and provide an overview of each model’s drawbacks.

The impact that a new semi truck can have on a driver’s success is well recognized by truck drivers. Therefore, selecting the right semi truck becomes crucial. The top models consistently excel in areas such as reliability, performance, efficiency, and comfort, which are all key factors contributing to a driver’s overall experience on the road.

Modern semi trucks are equipped with advanced features and technologies that enhance the driver’s ability to navigate, communicate, and maximize their productivity. Factors such as fuel efficiency, safety features, driver-assistance systems, and comfort amenities play a significant role in why these semi trucks are highly regarded by drivers. These trucks are designed to be both ergonomic and practical, prioritizing the driver’s well-being during prolonged hours on the road.

Furthermore, the top semi truck models often benefit from comprehensive support networks and widespread availability of spare parts and maintenance services. This factor is crucial for truck drivers as unexpected breakdowns or repairs can have serious implications on their schedules and earnings. The ease of maintenance and accessibility to repairs contribute to the overall satisfaction and perception of the truck’s value.


Although the prices on a used truck can be far lower than they would be on a new vehicle, big rig trucks are very expensive regardless. Accumulating enough cash to buy a used semi-truck can be difficult, and taking out loans can put the business owner at risk.

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