Tips for Marketing a Trucking Company

Marketing is important for any business and trucking companies that want to be successful will take the time to make a comprehensive marketing plan that will expand the reach of their business and attract new customers. When creating the marketing plan for your trucking company consider utilizing some these effective tools and methods:

Create a name and logo – coming up with a catchy name and designing a logo that is memorable may seem simple but can actually make a huge difference for a trucking company and should be the first step in establishing a marketing strategy. Take the time to test the effectiveness of your name and logo by seeing what other people think. This is essential to creating a brand and making your trucking company stand out from all the others.

Start a website – any new business not using the internet as a marketing tool is losing out on a tremendous opportunity to benefit their business. Free website starters like WordPress make it easy to design and launch a website, even if you have little computer experience. Make sure to follow the guidelines of search engine optimization so people will be directed to your site. Having a presence on both Google and YouTube is key for online marketing.

Run a blog – a great way to boost the effectiveness of your trucking company’s website is to run an associated blog. This will keep your website fresh and help with search engine optimization by regularly adding new content. Just a couple posts a week can help bring traffic to your website and is an effective way to spread your brand.

Use social media – there are a variety of social media out there that trucking companies can use to expand the reach of their business. Though using all is probably excessive, make sure to utilize at least a few of the social media sites out there. Facebook and LinkedIn can help trucking companies market themselves and find new customers.

Go to trade shows – building connections and trading resources is critical to the success of any business and trade shows provide an environment to do just that. Trucking companies should be sure to attend trucking trade shows and take advantage of the marketing opportunity they provide. Meeting employees and owners of other trucking companies will help you to expand your brand and find new business partners.

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