Top 10 Truck Stops in the U.S.

Iowa 80 – as the largest truck stop in the world, the Iowa 80 is difficult to miss. Much more than a truck stop, the Iowa 80 provides parking for 800 rigs and offers a variety of perks and amenities such as a dentist office, dog wash, barbershop, the Super Truck Showroom with a variety of truck related accessories, and a truck museum. The Iowa 80 is off of exit 284 on I-80.

Whiskey Pete’s – located in Primm, Nevada near the border of California, this truck stop provides endless entertainment for truckers. With a multiple casinos, hotels and outlet stores, accompanies by a roller coaster, 24-hour restaurant, business center and gas station, Whiskey Pete’s provides everything a tired trucker needs.

South of the Border – a great place to pull off the road and rest your legs as well as a common tourist destination, the south of the border truck stop in Hamer, South Carolina provides more than the typically truck stop. With a golf course, reptile lagoon, wedding chapel, and 200-foot tall Sombrero Observation Tower, South of the Border has become a popular roadside attraction.

Clearwater Travel Plaza – known for its delicious sandwiches and burgers served on freshly baked bread, the Clearwater Travel Plaza was named by Food Network as one of the top five truck stops in America. Located at exit 178 on Hwy 24 off I-94 in Clearwater, Minnesota, the plaza also offers a gift shop and a book store.

Little America – located off of exit 198 on I-40 in Flagstaff, Arizona, this truck stop is snuggled into a 500-acre backdrop of ponderosa pine forest providing a tranquil scenic location to rest for a while. This truck stop also functions as a full size resort with a luxury hotel including lounge, showers, laundry, and an extensive art and gift shop.

Jubitz Travel Plaza – this roadside stop provides a variety of entertainment for the road weary trucker looking to have a good time. Enjoy a variety of lodging and dining options and enjoy some games in the arcade or watch a movie at the cinema. Just off of exit 307 on I-5 in Portland, Oregon, the Jubitz travel plaza has a variety of accommodations to offer truckers.

Alamo Plaza – try your luck at the Alamo Plaza in Sparks, Nevada off I-80 at exit 21. With 260 slot machines, blackjack tables, and keno, truckers can blow some of their extra cash or turn it into more. The plaza offers over 20 acres of parking and is an entertainment hotspot for truckers.

Derrick Plaza Truck Stop – take a break from the road and save on fuel costs at this stop off exit 71 on I-85 in Salisbury, North Carolina. Their electricity stations allow drivers to shut down their rigs while still powering heat, air conditioning and other appliances. Drivers can also enjoy critically acclaimed food at the 24-hour restaurant, along with a barbershop and a 24-hour chapel.

Morris Travel Center – another truck stop known for its great food, the Morris Travel Center, located in Morris, Illinois, is open 24/7 and offers a variety of great eats. Truckers can enjoy the unique restaurant that offers exquisite bakery, homemade pastries, and Ethel Burger, a 4-pound masterpiece.

Lodi Travel Center – a classically styled rest stop that provides a relaxing environment for any trucker, the Lodi travel center off of exit 209 on I-71 and I-76 at Route 224 in Seville, Ohio will helps truckers recharge and get back on the road. With a Starbucks, internet lounge, and marble showers, truckers have everything they need to get ready for the rest of the haul.

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