Top 10 Tunes for Truck Drivers

Looking for some songs to spice up your drive? Truck drivers no doubt rely on music to give them a little entertainment and inspiration during their long hauls—but did you know that truckers, in turn, have also inspired dozens of musicians?

Check out this list of top tunes about the trucking industry:

1. East Bound and Down (1977)

Truly, what trucking song could be better? Written by Jerry Reed and Dick Feller, East Bound and Down is the ultimate song about the trucking industry and was a huge hit in the United States at the end of the ‘70s. Written for Smokey and the Bandit, the song peaked as the number two country song in the U.S. and has become a classic within the genre.

2. Six Days on the Road (1963)

Made famous by Dave Dudly, this is heralded by many as the quintessential anthem of the American truck driver. It predates the wave of trucking country songs that hit the nation in the 1970s and had a successful run on the country charts.

3. Convoy (1975)

C.W. McCall immortalized C.B. slang with this song that went number one on both the country and pop music charts after its release. “Breaker one-nine,” “Rubber Duck” and “Pig Pen” still live on like the proverbial catchphrases in public’s perception of “trucking language.”

4. I’ve Been Everywhere (1963)

Though not explicitly about trucking, the song made famous by Johnny Cash rattles off such a large list of American cities that only truckers could truly boast on their traveling resumes. The song, which was originally written by an Australian country singer, has been remade by almost every nation that loves to hit the road, from New Zealand to Singapore. It has also been in a slew of ad campaigns throughout the years, solidifying it as one of pop culture’s best known road trip songs.

5. Teddy Bear (1976)

One of the most successful to emerge from the wave of trucking songs in the 1970s, this Red Sovine track about the son of a deceased semi-truck driver hit number one on the country charts.

6. Roll on (1984)

Recorded by Alabama, this former number one country song is a tribute to a trucker that works long hours to support his family.

7. Truck Drivers’ Blues (1940)

Written in 1939 by Ted Daffan and made popular by Cliff Bruner, this is perhaps the very first song about the American trucking industry that reached the world of popular music.

8. Phantom 309 (1967)

Another Red Sovine song, another country hit about trucking—this one telling the tale of a hitchhiker and a ghost truck.

9. Bud the Spud (1969)

Written about a trucker from Prince Edward Island, “Bud the Spud” was a hit among the Canadian trucking industry.

10. Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses (1988)

Performed by Kathy Mattea, this song about a retiring truck driver was a big hit in the late 1980s on the country charts.

As this list shows, the trucking industry has been a great inspiration to country musicians in the United States and Canada. Hopefully, this list of tunes will provide your next trip with some entertainment. But, are do you find yourself having to delay your next job because your previous clients are slow to pay off outstanding invoices? If so, we can help.

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