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5 Steps to Lower Trucking Insurance Costs

Trucking insurance premiums are often the third largest expense for trucking companies after buying or leasing trucks and paying for fuel. Even with a sound insurance policy from a reliable provider, premiums will continue to increase from year to year. For trucking companies these rising costs can be difficult to manage and it is important … Read More

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How Much Does it Really Cost to Start a Trucking Company?

When starting a trucking company it is important to consider all of the initial and ongoing expenses that will be involved. There are two main types of expenses: fixed and variable. Fixed expenses are always the same and are paid regularly. Variable expenses are subject to change and can arise at different times. For a … Read More

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Tips for Truck Drivers: Healthy Eating on the Road

It can be difficult for long-haul truck drivers to maintain a healthy diet. With tight time constraints and long hours on the road, truck drivers usually resort to getting cheap fast food from roadside stops or turnpike service plazas. While these eating habits are easy on the wallet, they encourage unhealthy choices which not only … Read More

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ATA Says Trucking Industry Has Bright Future

According to the American Trucking Associations’ U.S. Freight Transportation Forecast to 2025, the American trucking industry will continue to grow at an impressive rate over the next 10 years. Despite continuing driver shortages and national infrastructure issues, the ATA’s chief economists have determined from their research that the increasing demand for transporting goods will keep … Read More

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Trucking Company Files Another Lawsuit Against Navistar

The truck and engine manufacturer Navistar has become involved in its third lawsuit this summer regarding defects in their MaxxForce Advanced EGR diesel engines. This lawsuit is the first federal class-action filed against Navistar and was pushed forward by the Washington-California based trucking company Par 4 Transportation. Par 4 hopes to make Navistar provide compensation … Read More

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Truck Drivers Sue FMCSA Over Disparaging Employment Reports

Six long-haul truck drivers from around the country have filed a class-action lawsuit against the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) claiming the agency falsely diminished their value as truck drivers by including unnecessary information on their Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) reports. The drivers hope to receive $1,000 compensation per alleged violation for themselves and … Read More

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FedEx Indicted for Distributing Illegal Pharmaceuticals

The federal Department of Justice has filed a 15-count indictment against the FedEx Corporation for allegedly transporting and distributing illegal pharmaceutical drugs sold by illicit online pharmacies. At the core of the indictment are charges against FedEx of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, distribution of controlled substances, and conspiracy to distribute misbranded drugs. The U.S. … Read More

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Trucking Industry Opposes Tolling Expansion

As the federal Highway Trust Fund moves dangerously close to becoming bankrupt, Congressional debate in the Department of Transportation has focused on the prospect of expanding highway tolling. President Obama sent a $302 billion transportation plan to Congress this spring outlining his vision for improving the national infrastructure and bringing much needed revenue into the … Read More

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Trucking Companies Try to Combat Truck Driver Shortage

As you may already know, the American Trucking Industry is experiencing a truck driver shortage. The American Trucking Association (ATA) estimates that the U.S. is short 30,000 truck drivers, with the demand for more drivers only getting greater as the trucking industry continues to grow. There a variety of factors that are driving the shortage, … Read More

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Congress Saves Highway Trust Fund…For Now

After a week of intense debate over how to replenish the quickly diminishing Highway Trust Fund, Congress ended the month of July with the passing of a bill that calls for $10.8 billion of highway and transit funding. Passed through Congress last Thursday, the bill has now been sent to President Obama who has expressed … Read More

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