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Trucking Companies Try to Combat Truck Driver Shortage

As you may already know, the American Trucking Industry is experiencing a truck driver shortage. The American Trucking Association (ATA) estimates that the U.S. is short 30,000 truck drivers, with the demand for more drivers only getting greater as the trucking industry continues to grow. There a variety of factors that are driving the shortage, … Read More

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Congress Saves Highway Trust Fund…For Now

After a week of intense debate over how to replenish the quickly diminishing Highway Trust Fund, Congress ended the month of July with the passing of a bill that calls for $10.8 billion of highway and transit funding. Passed through Congress last Thursday, the bill has now been sent to President Obama who has expressed … Read More

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Tracy Morgan Sues Wal-Mart Over Truck Accident

Comedian and actor Tracy Morgan is now out of the hospital and entering the court room to file a civil action lawsuit against Wal-Mart for the damages wrought by the July highway accident involving Morgan’s limousine and one of Wal-Mart’s trucks. In addition to filing for personal injury compensation, Morgan and his fellow plaintiffs seek … Read More

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For-Hire Trucking Industry Adds 2,300 Jobs in July

The August employment report released by the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the for-hire trucking industry added 2,300 jobs in July on a seasonally adjusted basis. Revisions have also been made to previous employment reports regarding May and June, with 500 jobs being added to May’s original count and 1,400 jobs … Read More

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Pilot Flying J Agrees to $92 Million Settlement

After over a year in federal court, Pilot Flying J has agreed to a $92 million settlement to avoid criminal fraud charges. The current settlement is in addition to the $85 million previously paid by Pilot Flying J when settling the civil suit brought against them by trucking companies. Though Pilot Flying J is paying … Read More

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Declining Diesel Prices Benefit Trucking Industry

Last week the national average price of diesel fuel hit $3.869 a gallon marking its lowest price since November according to the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration. The price change was brought by three consecutive weeks of price drops, culminating in a 2.5 cent drop the week of July 21. This past week’s decline … Read More

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Well Rested Truck Drivers Help Trucking Industry

The nature of truck driving is not conducive to healthy sleeping habits. Drivers often struggle to get enough sleep when out on the road and may try to catch up on sleep during the days that they are home. These inconsistent sleeping habits can lead to tired and unfocused truck drivers, presenting a health and … Read More

20 Best American Roadside Attractions

Need a break from driving your truck? Spice up the long haul with a quick stop at some of these fun roadside attractions. Spending hour after hour looking at an identical stretch of pavement can get monotonous and mentally exhausting. Luckily, America is full of all types of interesting destinations that provide a much needed … Read More

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Truck Driver Shortage Continues Despite Improving Economy

As the economy continues to improve, the trucking industry is struggling to meet the increasing driver demands. There simply are not enough American who are properly trained and willing to fill these open truck driver positions. With such a shortage of drivers, trucking companies are forced to turn down loads and certain businesses are suffering … Read More

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