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Future Trucking Technology Could Change Industry

New trucking technology is sweeping through the industry and it is time for trucking businesses and owner-operators to get prepared. Daimler, the global truck manufacturing company, unveiled its new “driverless” truck last week. The autonomous vehicle is making headway, passing a variety of driving safety tests with better results than real drivers. Though a great … Read More

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Trucking Industry Continues to Grow

The trucking industry gained 3,300 jobs in the month of June while other related industries also showed significant growth, according to the monthly employment report released by the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. For-hire trucking now has over 1.4 million payroll jobs, up 180,000 from March 2010, the low point in the recent … Read More

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Cash Flow Management Tips for Truckers

Cash flow is lifeblood of any business and needs to be properly managed and taken care of in order to achieve long-term financial success. Unfortunately, many small business owners fail to understand this reality and poorly manage their cash flow when first starting out. According to American Express, 90% of small-business failures are by poor … Read More

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5 Secrets of Successful Trucking Owner-Operators

Becoming the owner-operator of a trucking business often seems like an easy solution to the struggles of company truck drivers. While owning a trucking business has its benefits over driving under a company dispatcher, there are a lot of factors that prospective trucking owner-operators frequently fail to consider. For a start, some ignore the mandate … Read More

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The Cost of Starting a Trucking Company

With trucking leading the way as the dominant mode of transporting freight, there has never been a better time for starting a trucking company. The industry is expanding and there are tremendous opportunities for individual truck drivers to capitalize on this growth. If you’re tired of working under a dispatcher and ready to put in … Read More

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How to Keep Your Truck Drivers Happy

Making money as a long haul truck driver requires late nights, long hours, and a lot of time away from home. With the added pressure of staying safe while hauling loads within a tight time-frame, it is not surprising that many truck drivers stress, depression, and fatigue. Happy drivers are productive drivers. In order to … Read More

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Congress to Vote on Trucking Hours of Service

Since changes were made to the FMSCA’s hours of service regulations 11 months ago, trucking businesses around the country have expressed serious concerns over driver safety and income. Congress plans to settle the dispute over the new regulations with this Thursday’s vote on the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development budget package for the 2015 fiscal … Read More

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10 Best Travel Apps for Truckers

5 Best Free Apps for Truckers: BigRoad: Free Trucker Log App Available on: Android The BigRoad app provides truckers with all the essential services they need when on the road. Along with keeping track of daily driver logs, the app helps drivers find truck stops, weigh scales, and traffic directions, while allowing them to send … Read More

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Trucking Prevails, Remains Best Mode of Freight Transportation

Freight hauling was hit hard by the economic recession that occurred between 2007 and 2009. However, hauling freight — especially by truck — has recovered and is now operating at pre-recession levels and beyond according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. As of 2017, trucks remain the best mode of freight transportation, and experts predict … Read More

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